Messer is the worldwide known gas and welding technology manufacturer for CNC, Plasma, Water jet system.Messer quality stands out due to its economic efficiency and long service life. It is our prior objective to create maximum benefits for the customer. We achieve this by using the knowledge of our customer requirements, high technical competency and flexible innovative products. We offer complete range of products for oxy fuel welding and cutting. We also offer extensive systems in the areas of heating technology and oxy fuel equipment for the steel industries. Our product portfolio is rounded with proven Messer welding filler as well as MIG/MAG and TIG welding machines.
 Oxy fuel flame cutting is the most economic process for cutting of mild and low alloy steels, even with weld preparation. It is one of the most important production processes in metal
 Plasma cutting was originally developed for thermal cutting of material which was unsuitable for flame cutting, such as high
alloy steel or aluminum. Today the process is also used for the economical cutting of thin low alloyed steel
 Basically when cutting with laser the beam is focused on the material through the hole in the nozzle. This heats the material and metals. A cutting gas, which as a rule flows coaxially
through nozzle, removes the molten material.



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